The Secret Traits of Champions

November 1, 2017

If you go out there every day and you don’t have the hunger to be the best of all times at what you do, stay home.

By reading this you will discover the secret traits of champions.

What it takes to be a champion. What it takes to be the person you dream of becoming.

Written by Konstantinos Synodinos - Founder of

The mind of a champion, the relentless pursuit of always winning, always conquering, always thinking what to do next, is instilled in all of us. 

What happened? Did I just destroy all your excuses?

Yes. EVERYONE can be a champion in life, in sports, in university, in business.

You don’t have anything less than all the people who made it.

There is also another secret recipe. The so called secrets traits of champions.

80% of success is in psychology. 20% is everything else.

This is the secret.

Where are you in life or in sports today and where you really want to go?

And how are you going to use the secret you just learned about?

I will tell you a bit more by using also the personal experience of super successful athletes.

Everybody has the desire to do something

But they don’t really know how to complete the process of dedicating themselves and having the discipline to do it.

If you got the desire you gotta match it.

Match your desire with your dedication and your discipline.

It may not happen at the moment that you want it to happen, but you need to understand the process.


Everybody wants it yesterday.

What happens is a lot of people set goals and they have this huge goal and they look at it like a giant staircase and they are like:

“That seems impossible, it looks too hard, looks like too much work” and they don’t even start.

Or, they set a goal ” yeah I want to be at the top“, it’s easy to write that down, but when they go to actually go and climb it they feel hesitant.

When they understand that next morning they have to wake up at 5 am before they go to school, or before they train with the rest of the team, in order to practice alone they are just “ah that’s so tough, I am not sure”

But if all did was just look at the first step and get on that first step and then, when you are on that step, just look at the next step.

Your perspective will change.

That’s it

Don’t look up, just LOOK at that next step.

Take the first step championsid

You have to understand that this is not going to be easy

People think that there are no challenges. That there’s luck involved.

Most people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience of doing what 98% of people are not willing to do.

What we do is we kinda check out because it feels overwhelming

Or we check out because we are afraid, or because we start listening to self-doubt and then we make these teeny tiny decisions all day long.

We never realize it.

A decision to not get up on time, to not eat the right thing, to not do the extra rep, the decision not to look up to a star athlete or to do your mental training.

All day long those tiny decisions could take you so far off track and then you wake up and look at your life and you think, how the hell did I get here?

The reason why a lot of people won’t become who they want is because they are too attached to who they have been.

You hear it all the time: “I’ve always been this way”. Well if that’s working for you keep doing that.

Every single person who has ever done anything worthwhile or exceptional or difficult or extraordinary.


Superstar athletes, scientists, artists.

Everyone encounters difficulties.

Champions traits-championsid

There is no easy road. It just doesn’t exist.

It’s impossible to do something great with your hands down in this life. everyone has issues.

When you come up with excuses for why other people succeed and you are not, that’s SO DANGEROUS for you.

When you give yourself an escape.

“Yeah that’s easy for you to say, you did have this…blah blah…”

Believe me, EVERYONE has a tough road in sports and in life. Even the most successful people you watch on ESPN.

You have to see the bigger picture, you have to have faith in yourself.

Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future.


Faith is understanding that if things don’t go your way or if they don’t turn out the way you want, its still going to be ok.

We all go through doubt, depression, moments in your life that it’s really difficult.

That is what makes you a strong person that never quits. Those difficult moments are the ones that make your character.

Show me a man who did something great and found everything ready and easy in life.

The kids that are born billionaires, will never be a self-made person like you will be. 

Having a safety net or a backup trust for your back up will never push you enough.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

If you don’t push yourself, if you don’t find out where the boundaries of your current skill are and you don’t fall,  you don’t get any better.

No matter how talented, experienced, or privileged someone else is, you can beat anybody at anything.

You can accomplish any goal you set your sights on


If you are just more consistent than anybody else around you, you will win every race that you run.

Somewhere deep inside you know what kind of person you are were designed to be

If you want to produce great acorns thinκ like an oak not like an acorn

Think like the person you intend to become.

What kind of seed is in you?

I believe part of our responsibility in life is to find out who we are.

You were not born just to make a living, just to retire and get some pension and fade away.

You were not born to be mediocre.

You and I were born with the gift to make this a better place. To leave our mark.

Many of us were not raised in an ideal circumstance that prepared us for where we wanted to go.

And even though we loved the idea of being progressive or prospering or intelligent or spiritual, the reality is we were not aligned in the direction that we needed to be aligned to go where we try to go.

Ask yourself, how would the person I would like to be, do things I am about to do?

Success for the next year is going to be you making another step toward fulfilling your purpose in life.

Don’t be afraid. Just take that step.

Work to your potential, not your quota

If you wanna stay really motivated, if you wanna answer the question to why people that have already made it keep pushing, it is because they don’t operate on quotas, they operate of potential.

They are driven to reach their potential.

This is also their ethical obligation. They are aware what they are capable of.

Noone can tell you what is your potential.

Work to your potential, not your quota and I promise you will be on fire day and night.

Let’s see what people who have already accomplished what for.

conor mcgregor - championsid


Conor McGregor

Journalist: Have you been dreaming about this moment?

CM: Yeah, for a long time.  It does feel beautiful. I dreamed this so much,  clearly,  so precisely and so frequently that manifested itself into reality and that’s what I am feeling right now. It’s a dream come true.

Conor says something that few have said, but it’s a common secret amongst great men.

“You have to be insane with your craft”. It needs to become an obsession for you. What you do. To be your ultimate passion.

All people who have a big passion can’t help but think about it 24 hours a day.  Think about how they will become successful. How they will win. 


bob bowman - championsid


Michael Phelps’ Coach – Bob Bowman

The Dream is Achievable

”Champions have a dream because that’s how this whole thing starts and they have a passion for pursuing that vision of success that they have that will overcome obstacles, get them through the tough times and carry them to some spectacular performances throughout their career. The dream is critical. Cause that’s where it all starts.

The dream ignites the creative process. As soon as in place, is almost as a bomb goes off and all these things are working towards it if you have the correct mental picture.

The dream establishes the forest and then we start looking for the trees. Lets you know where you going, what direction you are headed. That’s what the dream gives you.”


michael phelps - championsid


Michael Phelps

”Whatever you want to do in life is possible and that’s been something that I have realized firsthand.

I want to be an Olympic gold medalist. I want to break the world record, I want to be a professional athlete. Those goals, that I thought about every single day, kept me coming, week after week, year after year until I was able to accomplish it.”

If it was easy, everybody would do it. 

There’s always going to be ups and downs but it’s really how you get back on your horse and keep going forward.

Never give up. I never have and nobody ever should. 

Do you want something bad enough? Go get it.

You have to work for it. Yes. It won’t be easy.

But if you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get there.




Steph Curry

”If you take time to realize what your dream is and what you really want in life, no matter what you want, whether it’s sports, whether it’s in other fields, you have to realize that there’s always work to do and you want to be the hardest working person and you put yourself in the position to be successful.”


lebron james - championsid


16 years old Lebron James 

Journalist: What is your individual long-term goal? 

LJ: ”To get to the NBA.”

Journalist: Do you want to be the best?

LJ: ”YES.”

Journalist: How?

LJ: ”I want to be the best defensively, the best shooter, the best physically. The best in everything.”

Lebron James after winning the title against GSW in 2016

Journalist: Can you describe what you are feeling right now?

 LJ: ”I set a goal 2 years ago and I came back to bring a championship to this city. I put my heart my blood my sweat, my tears to this day.”


Novak Djokovic - championsid


Novak Djokovic

Journalist: Do you think you can take it to another level or it’s as good as it’s going to be?

ND: ”Limitations exist only in our minds and if you start using your imagination possibility become limitless. That’s my mindset, I use my imagination, I see myself achieving more. That’s how I think.”

I very often watch many young people sort of meander around without any idea of why they are doing what they are doing.

To want and to be ambitious and to want to be successful.


Jason Kidd

”Don’t get bored. When you become the best, it’s very few people who’ve been at the top of the mountain who haven’t gotten bored, and [Michael Jordan] is one of them. The great ones don’t get bored. The good ones do. So hopefully at the end of my coaching career, if there’s anything that I can leave with him, it’s when he’s at the top of the mountain, he doesn’t get bored.”

jason kidd-giannis-championsid


Having read all the above Ι would like to know that as of now, you are going to see yourself differently.

You are going to do the best with your time ahead.

If you don’t reposition yourself you can miss the best time in your life.

You are not reserving yourself for your highest and best use.

You are not using your life, your time, your energy for your highest use, You are missing your life, your purpose, your passion, your excitement, your enthusiasm.

Champions have a clear plan for success and for achieving their goals. It’s not just a random occurrence that they show up for a game or a swim that they just get in there and the talent takes over. They have a plan.

What’s yours?

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