The making of a Champion

March 22, 2018

What does it take to be a champion?

Is there any accurate answer to this question?

Well maybe.

Written by Konstantinos Synodinos - Founder of ChampionsID

If you ask me to keep it short, I will tell it’s just someone who sets a goal and has one single charisma above everything. He/she is nothing but consistent.

There is no other scenario in their head other than their goal. There is nothing else that can distract them out of it, or make them quit.

The majority of people who fail in sports or in anything else in life, is just because they are inconsistent. Not because they are unlucky or not gifted.

It’s that simple and so difficult at the same time.

People who fail, set a goal or challenge, identify what is required to achieve it, do a few of the actions or not at all, and then eventually quit or move onto something else.

Diving deeper into this matter, the question that arises is:

Can someone predict the making of a champion, by evaluating a young athlete if they have what it takes to be great in sports?

Is it the body specifications? Is it the genes? Is it the hard training? Is it the right support?

For sure, it’s not a matter of just one factor.

It’s a combination of things and specifically 4.

Mentality, Genes, Support, and Motivation.

the making of a champion infographic championsid


Or else Mindset is my personal favorite when evaluating the potential making of a champion.

If you have read my previous articles about the traits of champions or what makes an elite athlete, you probably know that already.

I personally believe that even if you are not blessed by nature to have the ”physical heritage” of Giannis Antetokounmpo or the technical skills of Ronaldihno and you are an average guy or girl, you still have a good chance to become a professional athlete, if you have a “champions mentality”.

As Tony Robbins says: “where your focus goes, energy flows”.

If you focus on your lack of great genes, or the lack of support, or the lack of visibility, those thoughts will consume your energy in the wrong direction.

You will be projecting those barriers constantly in anything you do. Because you have simply programmed your mind to believe that you will never be great.

What you have to do is to believe, re-focus on your game, your skills, your next training, the little details you keep ignoring every single day.

Every day you can practice by implementing thoughts, beliefs, and habits that propel you forward.

This is what mental training is all about, exactly like physical training.

the mind of a champion jordan

If you want to improve your mentality that will lead you to better results, you must work on it.

Nobody get’s it automatically, nobody is born with it or keep it forever without proper training.

Your mentality is made up of many factors, and you can continue to feel more focused, adaptable and prepared when you practice strategies that help you.

Yes, some people have a head start because of great genes vs others, but the road ahead is really long.

No matter how talented you are, you still have to work day in and day out, make sacrifices, stretch your limits if you want to achieve anything.

There is no luck in success. There is just consistency and the right mentality.

The right mentality keeps you going all those days that you just don’t feel like doing it.

Those days that your mind is telling you I can’t do it, I am tired, I had enough, my body hurts.

You know what a champion tells to himself/ herself when all the above thoughts knock the door??

”A champion isn’t scared of intimidation,

Genes & Βiomechanical / Physiological Qualities

Those are the factors no one can change. They are given. Your parents’ gifts!

Some differences between people are obviously easy to see and understand, like height. Some other genetic differences though are more subtle and less superficial.

Beyond the subtle differences that manifest themselves physically lie the genes that control them.

There is no doubt that physical capabilities, such as strength, agility, stamina, and flexibility, can be developed to some degree through conditioning and hard training, we are all limited by the genes we get from our parents.

athletic genes championsid

Εqually, important body qualities are given since your birth. Your wingspan, your height, your hips strength, or your Achilles Length. 

Yeah, that’s right. Many sports scientists believe a long Achilles means more efficient storage and release of elastic energy.

That translates to acceleration and explosive movement.

Εxactly the traits that allow Giannis Antetokounmpo to burst the entire length of the basketball court floor in two dribbles.

It might be hard to try to wrap your head around the idea that such a small subset of genes creates all the diversity we see amongst athletes so many times.

Noone can argue that Genes are the foundation of Athletic Performance.

If we look the majority of the successful athletes of sports history, we will probably see some kind of solid genetic predisposition,  that has given them a head start.

However, researchers are suggesting that genetics indeed contribute significantly to sports performance, but it’s very hard to put a number on.

It’s very hard to quantify football performance, for example.

Most studies look at very specific endpoints: how much a gene contributes to muscle strength or maximal aerobic capacity because those endpoints are very easy to measure from a research standpoint.

If you try to parse it out, as much as 50 percent of muscle strength is determined by genetic factors.

Never use your lack of exceptional genes as an excuse for not making it in sports.  There is nothing more engaging for people and nothing get’s more respect than the “ungifted” athlete who puts their blood, sweat, and tears into being a champion anyway.

the mind of a champion jordan (1)


Εxactly like shower, it needs to be taken daily!

There is no one in sports in business or in any other field of life who is constantly motivated to perform at their best, or who is 1000% hungry to hustle in order to reach their targets, despite their daily issues, challenges, lack of energy, etc.

There are always those “I can’t make it” days, that we feel disappointed or tired.

That’s why being able to self-motivate or seek for motivation, makes all the difference in the world.

That will determine the amount of time you will dedicate towards your goal.

More time towards your goal means more training and more training statistically leads to better chances for success.

That’s the formula for success.

Ask anyone who has ever reached their goal and let me know what they said.


But how do you motivate yourself? Do you just watch motivational videos on YouTube or on ChampionsID Instagram?

That’s great. If that works alone for you, you are good to go. 

However, motivation is a set of small tricks that work differently to each one of us if repeated regularly. The truth is that your body and your mind follow instructions from you.

That’s why there are mental tricks that can help you if followed daily. Remember them here.

  1. Acknowledge the importance of Motivation in your sports life: Seek for it, find things that work for you. It might be a poem you read every day, or a song you listen to, an image you visualize, the speech of someone you admire. Find someone who has achieved what you desire and listen to them. They know the way.
  2. Find people with the same Dreams: People who share the same routine, struggles and dreams with you will lift you up emotionally when you are down and the opposite. Working with them, talking with them, hanging out of them helps you stay focused on your common target and share inspiration. That’s why ChampionsID is mainly a social network of people who share the same dreams.
  3. Accept that you won’t always be perfect: Let’s face it. You can’t be feeling your best every single day. Embrace it and learn how to energize yourself in order to still try to do something. Go for a walk, get your bike and do some miles, try a different sport for a change. Remember that those days that you still try to do something despite not feeling great, make all the difference.
  4. Have a clear target and break it down into weekly priorities: Having a big and ambitious goal is what I want you to have. However, if you spend all your time contemplating the distance between where you stand today and where you want to get to, it can be intimidating and demoralizing, especially if you have a bad week or a bad month (because you will). Break down your target in yearly and weekly goals. Smaller steps that will gradually take you where you want to be.


What does the word support for an athlete include? For sure, It’s never one thing alone.

There is no doubt that the primary job for athletes is to work hard, pay attention to their coaches, do their very best every single day and take full advantage of the opportunities they are given.

It all starts with the Parental Support. That’s the 1st level support every kid needs. As we use to say in our weekly series, “Parents Support is the Fuel of Champions“.

Supporting them emotionally, financially, of course, supporting their choices, their dreams, helping them understand that first and foremost sports is fun.

They need to enjoy the process, even if they don’t make it to the pros.

As we all know, the chances are against them. Only 1-2% of athletes playing sports eventually make it. That’s hard facts.

statistics of athletes turning pro championsid

But playing sports is not something we do just to become professionals and make a living out of it.

It is something we do because sports build character. It builds important traits that every person needs throughout their lives. Strong will, discipline, ability to set goals, understanding that nothing in this life is given. You need to sweat it.

Sports is a way of life. You learn to value your body, your health and it’s positive impact on your mental health.

Having been an athlete is a heritage with amazing benefits and qualities for the future. No matter what you will do in the future.

Apart from the parental support, there are other vital things for an athlete who wants to go after a professional career.

Parental support is not enough.

The right connections who will fully evaluate the talent of the athlete, training support from people who understand the needs of every different age group, nutritional support, because championships are won in the kitchen and promotional support, since at the end of the day every athlete is a potential brand.

This part is tricky for both parents and athletes. Very few of them are completely aware of the full set of things someone needs outside the field or the court to progress with their career.

For that reason we created ChampionsID.

Our intention is to democratize the world of sports,  finding the right people to help you and scan through the global sports ecosystem in order to provide you with the best available tools and solutions, opportunities and visibility.

Try it yourself and never back down. Promise me?








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