The 10 best ways to Promote Athletes

August 15, 2017

Talent is not everything but a promoted talent is unbeatable!

This article is explaining how to promote Athletes, but as you will read again and again from ChampionsID blog, there is no substitute for hard work, skills, the right mindset and talent.

This is the foundation to begin with. Building on hard work and becoming better day after day is what you should be doing every single day.

What we provide you with (tips, services, tools) is everything you need outside the gym and the court, in order to stand out and make your sports dreams true.

Imagine a mediocre brand that some company is trying to promote, hoping that will get sales.

The chances are that even if it gets sales from a great promotion, eventually it will lose.

Because the foundation is weak.

It’s exactly the same when you are trying to promote Athletes. 

You can’t expect to be an average player and because of exceptional promotion or an amazing video, you get into the college of your dreams, or play professionally in Europe.

Today’s competition within the sports environment is fiercer than ever.

There was never before so much talent, so much athleticism, so much knowledge and tools available for all athletes, who can really excel with hard work the right guidance and the right choices.

There is a ratio based on statistics that says: For every 30.000 Athletes out there is only 1 person who is actively looking to track talent (scout, agent, college recruiter, coach).


What does this mean?

A HARD TRUTH: The chances for a talent to be tracked and be seen are really scarce.

The most possible scenario is that you won’t be noticed, unless:

  • You are the next Michael Jordan or Cristiano Ronaldo. 
  • You have a decent talent and you promote it smartly and consistently with the right tools getting help from the right people.

Statistics from the NCAA also confirm that.

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At the same time, we live in 2017.  Everyone owns his own media outlet. His own channel or profile.

It’s like Facebook is the ESPN, Instagram the CBS and YouTube the Sports Center.

It has never been easier to promote athletes and for anyone out there to become viral, popular in social media or just get his name out there in front of thousands or millions.

If you have any of the below targets, this article will help you start planning your online boost:

  • Find a sponsor
  • Increase your fan base
  • Build your own brand name
  • Reach more people
  • Be seen by scouts and sports people

So what can you do to promote athletes, get your name out there and increase your chances to be seen?

Of course like with everything in life, all the below tips require a plan, discipline and consistency.

Right moves and choices implemented consistently will eventually help you promote yourself and increase drastically your chances of not being missed!

I will Focus on 2 big areas that can really work miracles for you. 

Online Media & Video to promote Athletes (Highlights video, recruiting video, promo video, etc.)

When I say Online media, we mean all the modern ways to promote yourself online. Including a website, social media, online marketing, viral marketing, etc

Let’s see the 10 Things you need to do in order to significantly increase your visibility and promote your talent.

promote-athletes-infographic-championsid (1)


#1: Create a world class Athlete Video

Video is the most consumed medium of our era.

What does this mean?

Video in all categories (sports, fashion, lifestyle, online marketing) is the content that online users mostly engage with.

The same applies with athletes.

If you have a really impactful Athlete video your chances are much better than just using images or info, etc.

Raw footage is good to post from training on a daily basis but not to showcase your talent in a professional way.

A good highlights video needs to provide full picture about yourself and your skills.

Of course, make sure you have the most updated version of your video.


 #2: Create customized Video Thumbnails

Smile, Close up face or a great action photo along with few info about what’s all about. 

A video thumbnail is the first thing that most people see when they interact with a video.

How to do it: Use an online editing program like PicMonkey and get in ready quickly.

A thumbnail image, is also what is shown in search results.

Thumbnails are especially helpful in a library with many media files, because they give viewers a preview of the video content.

Statistics show that the attention of someone for a video when scrolling through his feed in Instagram, Facebook or YouTube can be increased by +50% when a video uses an impactful thumbnail.


Use the same look & feel and keep a consistency for every single video you use.

If you have your own monogram or logo, or signature graphic, even better.

This will further improve your brand image.


#3: Customize all your social media platforms and use them wisely

As said above, your social media are your own personal media. It’s like you own a TV station and you can broadcast whenever you want. For free!

That makes imperative the existence of a strategy and a wise use of each medium in order to help your personal promotion as a brand or just as an athlete.

Start by “dressing” all your social media accounts properly.


Create the wow factor, give a professional impression to anyone who visits your channel, or profile or page.

Remember what we say each time when it comes to promote Athletes.

You are a brand and as such you have to take care of your image, having a goal, a clear schedule and be consistent.

If you have a personal profile on Facebook and Instagram you probably already share your sports moments with your followers and friends there already.

However, a personal Facebook profile can only reach so many people (up to 5.000 friends)

To let Facebook for example market your career, you have to create a Facebook fan page.

  • A fan page means you can separate your private life from your public life. Facebook caps the number of friends you can have on your personal profile at 5000; but there is no limit to the number of likes you can have on your Facebook fan page.
  • Further, with a Facebook fan page you can start building your own fan community 
  • Fan pages are indexed in Google and other search engines results, increasing the probability of discovery by fans or sponsors who might be looking for you
  • You can appoint other people as administrators of your fan page, letting them post on your behalf. This is very convenient especially when you hire professionals to do that for you.

Finally don’t forget to pay attention to your bio and overall info (about section of a Facebook page, or YouTube channel)

Don’t assume everyone knows you. Tell them who you are, where you are from, what you’re using to take photos, and what you do.

And don’t assume everyone will follow you.

Give them a reason. Use an engaging reason why someone should follow you. For example it could be: “This is my journey towards the NBA. Watch me making it happen!”

Instagram also allows you to add one link to your bio

Use it to link one of your other social accounts. It could be your ChampionsID profile, Twitter, Facebook, or even your blog.

On this one there is one new solution that allows you to put several links in your Instagram bio. 

It’s called linktree, its free and it looks like that

linktree example

#4: Run a Video Campaign on Facebook or Twitter

As explained on the previous point, having a Fan page allows you to run ads and address the audience that you want!

An example:

Imagine that you are a basketball player from Birmingham, UK and you play in the local team.

You can run a campaign advertising your last video, aiming to reach males and females, aged between 18-45, who live in Birmingham and have declared an interest in Basketball, NBA and other relevant topics in Facebook.

Facebook right now is the most affordable way to promote your content. The cost per 1000 people who see your posts is by far the cheapest vs other traditional advertising ways.


#5: Shamelessly Ask People to Share Your Video

No, is the answer for everyone who is not trying. You can never know if you don’t ask right?

Reach out to your friends.

Your teammates.

Local Sports media you know.

Tag others in your video.

To Facebook or Linkedin groups that showcase talent.

Reach out to your team, or your league! If your video is great, the chances are they will repost it and tag you.

This will give you a great reach to very relevant audience, each time you have something new to share.

#6: Create your ChampionsID profile.

The 1st thing someone will do when he hears about you is quite straightforward.

He will google your name. What are the results he will get? Your social media accounts right? So?

What will he be able to understand from those?

It’s important to be able to get a quick snapshot of you as an athlete.

Where you play, see your attributes, your info, your videos, your statistics, bio and body metrics all in one. He won’t spend much time so help him get the best possible picture at once.


By creating a free profile in ChampionsID you are able to appear in Google results and by having a solid presence people will find about you easier.  See below the example when someone searches for Sasa Obradovic.


#7: Email it to the right people or big Instagram accounts that do shoutouts

If you want to reach specific people you don’t have to run a campaign or do any massive promotions.

All you need to do is to reach out to agents and coaches that you definitely need to see your video

Instagram is the most engaging community out there.

Engage with similar accounts.

Where would most of your fans likely come from?

If you are not playing in the NBA or the English Premier League, chances are, most of your engaged fans will be fans of your team, or from your city/ state etc.

Search for hashtags that Instagram users in your area are using and consider adding them to your photos.

For instance, if I wanted to find followers in Athens I would probably go after something like #igers_Athens

Additionally, don’t forget to GeoTag your photos.

#8: Create Your Signature Move

Think about using a hashtag that represents you as a brand that you can use for every post.

Consider it your signature move.

In real life, an athlete might perform a unique movement after every race or competition.

Olympic champion Mo Farah makes an “M” with his arms over his head after each race, and it has become his signature move.

James Harden popular “stirring the pot” celebration, has become now iconic.

Usain Bolt points to the sky with both his arms like a lightning bolt. A hashtag ties into the bigger question of what differentiates you from other athletes.


Why should a brand sponsor you instead of someone else?

#9: Develop your own Athlete Website

If you are an athlete who does not have a website, you could be missing out on great opportunities.

A website is one of the main elements that represent your brand online.


Design is a core element of the overall branding of your athletic brand. People will judge you according to how your website looks like; impressions matter.

This is particularly true if your performance on the field is spectacular. Fans and sponsors will expect you to have a website that matches your performance.

Also if you are talented in writing or if you hire a professional blogger, you can create inspiring content (stories, articles from experiences, best moments) that can be very uesfull for your fans, for brands, for young athletes who look up to you and of course to rank high in Google searches.

#10: Hire professionals

If all the above sounds overwhelming to you or you don’t have the time and the discipline to do this consistently, find qualified sports professionals and marketeers who can help you.

This can make a big difference to your visibility and shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you need help get in touch with our team for a free consultation.


Kindly keep in mind that being able to market yourself does not give you a license to underperform.

The first step to get ahead is to be excellent in what you do.

This will complement these online marketing strategies that can increase your reach.

The better you become at marketing yourself, the bigger your ‘brand’ becomes. You will capture attention of sports agents and product brands as well.

Whatever your goal (find a sponsor, be seen, increase your fan base, etc) establishing a strong presence online is vital.

The ways I suggested to promote athletes can give you an edge vs others who don’t but please never leave behind your effort to become a better athlete.

What do you do to promote yourself right now? Let me read your comments below.

Written by Konstantinos Synodinos - Founder of








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