Supercharging Performance With Titanium Modifications

March 5, 2019

The world of sports is incredibly competitive and every last bit of effort is made to count. As noted by TED talk host and scientist David Epstein, athletes today are hugely faster than those 100 years ago. A big part of this is down to technology, and today, titanium modifications are promising to create a whole new wave of change and boost the performance of athletes like never before.

Titanium as a solid material 

Titanium can be pushed down into dozens of different materials that gives it superb variability. The sheet itself, however, is also useful, and sports-level titanium grades is making waves in a few key sporting areas. One notable example is within cycling. Titanium bikes have been lauded for their light but sturdy construction for a few years now, but are generally pricey. According to tech website New Atlas, this is set to change. What’s more, titanium is set to be at the forefront of cycling innovation, including the creation of 3D printed bikes. 

The future – nanotechnology

As success in sports can come down to just a few extra percentage points of advantage, it makes sense to fully drill down into what titanium can offer and pull out benefits. This is where titanium nanotechnology arises from, and changes are being mooted already. For instance, sporting clothes interlaced with titanium thread can have moisture resistant properties, improving the physical performance of athletes. This is according to a report by AZO Nano. 

Mass production in sight? 

Titanium can be prohibitive to athletes due to its relatively high cost. It is typically expensive to manufacture and there are other materials that will do a good job for a similar price. This could be set to change due to new research. According to the UK government, a new process developed by military scientists will speed up titanium processing by 400% and cut costs in half in the process. This will create a situation whereby high quality titanium goods can be developed quickly and with good levels of customization for athlete needs. If equipment of this type becomes the standard level for sportsmen and women, expect a boost in performance – again. 

Sports are all about performance – doing better than your competitor. On the professional stage, this leads to all sorts of methods to try and produce that extra 1 or 2 percent needed to succeed. Through titanium, many sports teams may be thinking of ways they can get ahead.

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