Spyros Gianniotis The Legend!!

July 29, 2015

He doesn’t need introductions. 6 Medals in world championships (bronze in 5km in Melbourne, sliver in 5km in Rome, Gold in 10km & silver in 5m in China in 2011 and Gold in 10km & silver in 5km in Barcelona in 2013). This time Spyros was targeting a good place in the first 10 that will give him the ticket for the Olympic Games of Rio. And thats why coming out of the water, with a great deal of excitement he said:

“5th Olympic Games!!!”


In 2004, Spyros in Athens, after 108 years, he was there in 2 finals. Having broken the Greek record in the qualifiers of 400m frestyle with 3.48.77 he took the 7th position in the final with the same time, while he managed to take the 5th position in the 15oom Freestyle having next to him swimmers like Grand Hackett and Ian Thorpe.

What makes Spyros a unique athlete is not only his achievements. Those are actually the result of the endless courage and inner strength he has. Who can forget his words after the finale of the race in the Olympic Games of London, when he finished 4th.

” I will never quit, I will continue swimming because I love it and it loves me!”

Those are the words of a real warrior.


 Born in Liverpool from an English mother and origins from Kerkyra, Spyros had always a close relationship with water. The person who changed the momentum of his career is his coach, Mr Gemelos. He was the one who persuaded Spyros to leave the pool and start competing in the sea. And that was exactly what made his career explode!

He is ready for an amazing new performance, this time with a medal in Rio!


Source: Gazzetta.gr




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