The Best Recruiting Video for Athletes|[10 tips]

June 16, 2017

Recruiting Video tips for Athletes. How coaches will notice you

A great recruiting video for athletes can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to a talent expert and can put you into the spotlight!

Whether you need a recruiting video to increase your chances during the recruiting process or to post it on your championsID profile as the best possible proof of your skills or just circulate your recruiting video through social media and youtube, it’s important to follow specific rules.

Video in our days is the most consumed media type on the web. It goes without question that recruiting video in Sports couldn’t be any different.

Coaches, scouts, recruiters want to see players in action. Sometimes you are fortunate and coaches see you play at a tournament or showcase and then initiate contact with you.

More often, you will need to make the first move and reach out to the coach or through your agent if you have one. One of the first questions they will ask you is, “do you have any video of yourself playing?”



A professional looking recruiting video can greatly increase your chances of getting looked at by talent experts (college coaches, scouts, agents, teams, etc).

Think of a job opening in a big company. It will receive thousands of CVs. There is no way the recruiter will check them all, or spend the same time in reading them. Someone will pick the ones that will stand out. You catch the attention by the format, the key take outs, the highlighted parts. They should all elevate your skills, your overall profile and showcase why you are unique. Same principles pretty much apply to a recruiting video.


Get into the shoes of a coach or talent expert

Put yourself into the position of a college coach. Imagine how many recruiting videos they look at in a single recruiting season. Now think about how many of those videos are of players who won’t end up playing at that school or being called by a team of an agent who is looking for talent through online resources.

The odds are stacked against you, but you can overcome them by following the tips outlined below.

Recrutiting video is huge when it comes to attacking the college recruiting process. Get this: college coaches are twice as likely to respond to your message if you have video on your athlete profile.

With a recruiting video on your championsID athlete profile or being sent via email, a college coach can evaluate you from their office, the couch, a hotel while they are on the road recruiting, etc. Live recruiting events are great, but college coaches, scouts and talent experts cannot be everywhere. They do not have the budgets or the staff to be at every event.


The 10 Recruiting video tips you should follow:

  • It all starts with the camera and the recording. Quality matters!

You will either need to invest in a solid camera and a tripod or find a steady base for your mobile and someone to handle it while you play. Just be aware. Smart phones are capable of capturing excellent quality video, but only in a wide shot. To zoom in on your performance and get better angles, you need to invest in a high-quality video camera.

Think about it this way. Are you willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a camera that could possibly help you receive thousands of dollars in scholarship money or find the best career move? You should be. Also you will need a tripod to help your video look more professional and less shaky due to a handheld production.

Finally make sure you are recording in High Definition. People hate seeing blurred videos or quality ones. Remember we are in 2017.


  • Not too short- not too long

  • Pick 25-35 of various plays (not just offense or your best highlights). A mix of plays that display someone’s full set of skills on the court

  • Your recruiting video should be between 3,5-5 minutes long in order to provide a solid understanding and stay as short as possible at the same time.

  • Try to include also key info about the player within the recruiting video. Some basic cards with position, body attributes, key stats, etc

  • Think how they think

Do your survey, ask people, see videos from well known athletes. Know what the coaches and talent experts are looking for in each sport. Football coaches for example are more interested in seeing a couple clips of you performing in the weight room and they value alot specific metrics that showcase physical potential.  

Soccer coaches on the other hand will be interested in seeing your ball skills. That should be the focus in a soccer recruiting video

Baseball coaches will be interested in seeing your swing and/or pitching mechanics. Make sure you capture in your baseball recruiting video those skills and show them exactly what they want to see.

For a Basketball recruiting video the same logic applies. Show completeness in terms of skills. Don’t focus only in offense. Especially if you want to have chances to play overseas.


  • Find the ideal angle/ distance for each recording

So you got the camera, you found the right editing software and you are ready to make great plays for your recruiting video. Don’t shoot before you find the right camera angles to highlight your abilities.

Example for Basketball players: A baseline angle won’t be the best option when you’re playing offense on the other side of the court.

Example for Baseball players: Coaches will want a side view of your swing. Think about your sport and your position, and use common sense. Give coaches the best angle to see your talent.

  • Don’t just show skills, show character

Be aware that coaches and talent experts are not just looking for very skilfull players. They want also to see a player who can be well coached and will be a great part of a team as well. Also a player with great composure, mental speed, good decisions but also good reactions to bad decisions. Ok great, but how you show all that with a recruiting video?


Most recruiting videos are nothing but the best highlights. Coaches appreciate it if you show yourself missing a free throw, then immediately playing pressure defense that causes a turnover.

What type of player are you?

After watching your highlights video, coaches should be able to answer this question. How you cooperate with your teammates, how supportive and helpful you are to them and if you have the ability to make them better while playing in the squad. Those are intangible qualities that differentiate the good ones from the best ones but there are ways to showcase them in the field and hence in a recruiting video, that every experienced eye can track them. 

Take your time putting together your recruiting video. It can impress coaches and agents through social media or youtube It could make the difference between a school tossing your file in the trash or seriously considering you as their next big recruit.

  • Help them get the full picture and remember you

Make sure the recruiting video is clearly labeled with your name, contact info, school name, graduation year, jersey number and possibly your SAT/ACT scores, and GPA. Include this information at the beginning of the video.  

Also don’t let them guessing where you are in the field. Help them spot you. Use editing software to highlight “you” in the film during each clip.  Most common are an arrow icon hovering for 1 second over your head in each clip.

  • Choose multiple games & keep it simple

Don’t send full games unless you are being asked to. It’s preferable to pick highlights from multiple games that will help you provide a complete understanding of your talent and skills. Coaches usually do not have the time or desire to look at entire matches.

No music, crazy transitions between clips, huddle or crowd shots. Let your athlete’s perforance do all the talking. The recruiting video should be a compilation of plays, with the best plays coming first. Coaches usually make up their mind up while viewing a video in the first fifteen seconds. If you don’t have anything to get their attention, they will turn it off.


  • Circulate online

So your video is ready. What’s next? Well you need to get views and especially from the right audience.

It’s easy to post your video on YouTube or Vimeo and then email the link along with your athletic resume to colleges of interest. There is no need to send a DVD through the mail. Also make sure you enter your new youtube video on your ChampionsID profile in order to have a complete picture of your athletic CV in one single place.

You can also ask from our experts team promote the video for you via Facebook & Instagram campaigns towards targeted audience. And as you can imagine, in order to make an impact, it has to be really good.


  • Make your survey, pick senders, send it over

Before sending out videos to colleges, identify school that will be an academic and athletic fit for you. A great recruiting video will not make up for grades or skill that does not qualify for certain programs. Choose colleges where you or your child can truly compete, and even then you may have to build a relationship with the coach before you can decide if that college is a fit.

While most college coaches try to watch every video they receive, it’s often an overwhelming task and chances are good that they will not have to a chance to see them all. Your child’s chances are much better if he or she connects with the coach by phone, email or in an online recruiting form first.

If you don’t feel confident doing that, you can leave this with the professionals that are doing this consistently and have their own network of colleges they collaborate with.


  • Follow up

Sending a video to a coach and then expecting a phone call to get recruited probably won’t happen. You need to follow up with the coach via email or phone and ask if they received and watched the video and what the next step might be in the recruiting process, always in a nice way. Of course if you have assigned this to a professional service provider they will do it for you.

Even a great video will not guarantee that your child will be recruited. Your athlete needs to follow up by phone, asking if the coach received the video, and what the next step might be in the recruiting process.

Don’t  push too much but don’t be afraid to do it. The ability to communicate with college coaches (especially the student him/herself) will not go unnoticed by coaches. They want confident high school athletes who know what they want and who express an interest in their college program. Manners also play a huge role. Be respectful, kind and a good listener.

Whether your child ends up playing Division 1, 2, 3, or NAIA, the bottom line is this: will the school and the program that your child chooses adequately prepare him or her for life after college?



If you are a serious athlete who wants to really improve the odds of being seen, getting visibility and increase the chances of getting recruited or scouted or selected for a team or even to get your name out there, there is no doubt that you will need often an updated highlights video. (Don’t make a video with highlights 3 years back)

Don’t take it lightly but invest time, effort and money to get the best possible result that will elevate your skills and help you stand out. Start by making sure that you have good high definition quality raw material that can be edited and trust professionals to do this for you if you feel uncomfortable.

While many coaches recruit players from video and recommendations, other coaches will want to see your child play in person. Video is often the first step into getting a college coach’s attention and getting him or her interested in coming to see your child play in person. 

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