Online Training for Athletes. Does it Worth It?

July 11, 2019

Have you wondered which are the main challenges most athletes face when it comes to their training routine?

I will name them for you.

  • You find yourself lacking motivation because you have no plan

  • You do not see the results you want because of this

  • You would like to have someone to monitor you and guide you

  • You find that there are constant setbacks of different nature

  • You know that you need a training program that needs to be personalized to you but there is no one to guide you through it


All athletes looking to achieve their goals, which are completely different from one to another, experience these challenges more or less.

What do elite athletes do? How do they stay focused and get the results they want, when they want them?

Because simply there is a target set, a very clear goal of where they need to be at a specific timeframe and because there is someone next to them, to guide them, motivate them, push them when they feel that they just want to give up.

Because one thing is certain, elite athletes DO have these moments. And the more serious it gets down the road, the more difficult it is to stay focused on training hard. 

One question that inevitably comes after reading this question is. How?

How can the average passionate athlete get this help without being an elite athlete?

Here is where online training programs fill this gap.


Athletes that need guidance and support, as well as a nutritional, training plan, are turning towards online training solutions, and more and more are finding a way to stay focused and motivated.


Guided Online Training for Athletes with the help of  Coaches.


It works like this: 

You discuss your goals and your journey so far to a professional coach and share information about yourself that will help them understand your current state.

Then they will probably arrange a free online face to face consultation session where a professional coach will explain to you the whole process and how they can help you get started.


What to expect after the initial contact:

You will probably have a session that will include some type of assessment and will go through your goals. This way your coach or the person that will be responsible for you will start working on your individualized training program according to your sport and level, having in mind the goals you want to reach.

 After that phase, you will most of the times have a weekly session with a performance coach and provide you with valuable feedback on your exercise form as well as answer any questions that you might have.

Bear in mind that most online programs require some time for you to see results, so a minimum of 3 months is to be expected.

As you probably know, especially in the field of sports, there is no magic formula.

Nobody can guarantee that you will reach your ultimate goal right away. Whoever will give you that promise will simply be lying. Everything requires time, and most importantly, effort from your side. And of course, following the advice that the coach will give you.

So do not rush to blame the coach or the program that you joined if you see that your targets are not met unless you genuinely feel that you gave your 100% and still did not see the results you were waiting.

And do not be surprised if most programs will require a minimum membership. It is only because everything takes time.

We mentioned before how important is the personalization aspect of online training.

This is what makes your efforts worth it. Because if what you are doing is not serving you, then you are wasting your time.


Thinking about yourself. What is your goal? To lose weight? To gain muscle? To become faster, stronger, be able to jump higher? All of these can be achieved with the correct personalized plan.



Online Training for Athletes through Applications based on AI Technology.

Even if you cannot afford or you do not want to have a real person guiding you, apps nowadays have evolved technologically so much, that they literally work as your personal trainer.

They can analyze your data that you input and then you will get an optimizes plan for your sport and unique fitness goals.

The apps also feature recommended loading and progressions based on your strength levels.

For example, Volt app does exactly that. It personalizes every aspect of your training journey until you reach your goal and it also analyzes your performance periodically in order to peak your performance at the right time.

It promises things like being able to monitor your performance gains in numbers and gives you data that will help you get better.

Even if you think that the human touch is nonexistent, there are still recommendations on how you should change your form and movement when training and lets you customize your workouts.

There are approximately more than 1000 bodyweight, band and weighted exercises that can be personalized to you and the app changes and evolves your training as you change and progress.

Volt is based on Artificial Intelligence and it tracks, adapts and evolves each athlete’s program for continually personalized training.


What would you choose? A coach that will personally provide you with tips and guide you through your journey, also supporting you psychologically, or a powerful app that will evolve as you will be evolving?


The choices are many and you just need to research them and choose what really suits your needs best.


Let’s see what the benefits of online training are:

  • You have the freedom and the opportunity to choose one of the best coaches available out there without having to be at the same geographical location. You can literally find numerous certified coaches that will help you reach your goal and take you to the next step. All you have to do is find and contact them.

  • As we mentioned earlier, technology has made a huge leap in our days, and artificial intelligence is a part of almost all apps that involve the input of personal data and customization of different characteristics. With apps in hand, as well as video making and also being able to create your own id online about who you are as an athlete and what you want to achieve, makes your life so much easier than in early days. Just think about being able to train with the coach of your choice on any aspect, using just laptops tablets and smartphones.

Check our online solutions on in order to create your personal athletic identity and also get help creating highlight videos showcasing your talent.

If you want to create a full athletic profile that can be used for getting scouted, shared with anyone who can get a full understanding of your athletic identity or take part in all the different career opportunities that are posted by agents, managers or coaches in our platform, you can create a full profile for free by following the below instructions after you register here.

Read how to create a full profile here.

  • Who wouldn’t want to have a coach that is highly skilled in the lowest price possible? Having a personal coach in our days is much more affordable than you think. Being able to afford memberships and lessons with private coaches can be a real pain to your wallet. Online training is much more affordable, and you can keep it for as long as you want. 

  • You are different from everyone else and so are your needs and your goals. That means that the pace at which you want to train varies from other people. Online training helps you train when it is convenient for you at the days and hours you can. Because what is the point of joining a club that you are probably going to miss most of the sessions? This self-paced environment gives a sense of convenience and freedom that suits most busy young athletes nowadays.

  •  All of the aforementioned lead to the final advantage which is convenience. Being able to train whenever you want and do whatever suits you and only you are unbelievably advantageous. The more convenient, the more effective and the better will your performance and results will be.


The choice is yours.




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