Motivation for Athletes – We asked 7 of you

February 5, 2019

How do you motivate yourself?

We asked 7 of our championsID members and this is what they told us

Andrew Meyers

Me and my teammates, who have formed a brotherhood motivate me the most.

We have been through blood sweat and tears and we always have each other’s back.

My family has also been an incredible support system throughout my life and I want to make them as proud as possible.

Decorey Jones

My motivation is my family.

They support me when I’m down and when I’m up. 

They are living through me for hope and inspiration

If putting a ball in a hoop inspires my son or nephew from going to the streets then when things get tough I do not believe in the word tired or quit.


I always look at the bigger picture,  the idea that no matter how hard things get it is for the end goal.

My family, my friends, and teammates make me want to play every day and do everything 110%.

Lorenzo Floyd

What motivates me the most is my mother, my only brother and my two younger sisters.

I am their role model.

Whatever I do, they do.

If they see me push through adversity then they will do the same.

If I give up they will think of me as a failure.


Sebastian Curti

I always think of my family when I struggle and how much belief and effort they put in me.

It is also the necessity to be the best and that every game makes me better and better.

Joey Coomaraswamy

My main source of motivation is the competition during a game, the sheer desire to win and proving
the doubters wrong.

Andrew Ali

The best way to stay motivated is to focus on my main goal and always have trust
in the process.

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