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December 2, 2015

We are welcoming in the family of champions one of the fastest people in the history of track and field. Mike Rodgers doesn’t need many introductions. With 9.85” in the 100m as a personal record he is a world class sprinter that can beat any opponent.

He attended Berkeley High School in St. Louis, Missouri where he ran varsity track and played varsity basketball for the Bulldogs. Later attended Lindenwood University and Oklahoma Baptist University where he was a 10-time NAIA national champion from 2005-2007. Rodgers still holds the NAIA Indoor 60m record with a 6.65.


In 60 meters, he became the 2008 US Indoor Champion and went on to finish fourth at the 2008 World Indoor Championships. In the 100 meters he finished sixth at the 2008 World Athletics Final.

The start of the 2009 outdoor season saw Rodgers improve his 100 and 200 meter personal bests: at the Grande Prêmio Brasil Caixa meet in May he recorded times of 10.01 and 20.24 seconds respectively.He further improved his 100 m best in June at the Prefontaine Classic, breaking the 10-second barrier for the first time with a world-leading performance of 9.94 seconds


CID: When did u start with track and what was your relation with sports in general at a young age?” Why you chose this sport?

At a young age I started playing football (at the age of seven till I graduated high school) as a running back, but by the time I reached high school I was actually more of an athlete and I played a little of everything, from cornerback to slot to running back to split end.

I was a very talented player and pretty much could of went to any school to play D1 football but I had an injury my senior year that held back the big schools from recruiting me for football. I also played basketball in my sophomore year in college, was a 2 guard and a pure shooter.

Track came in really when I got to high school and I was talked into it by my high school and college track coach Rod Stages and two other upper classmen Armando Kimbro and Ben Morgan, which they gave me my first pair of spikes. I’ve lost touch with Armando and Ben committed suicide and it really lit a fire under me because I felt like they reached out to me for a reason.  Thats the story of how I ended up sticking with the sport that I would end up falling in love later.

CID: Which one is the most important element for a track athlete, beyond the physical and body attributes, that makes him stand out and have good chances to make it to the pros?”

The one most important element for a track athlete to have beyond the physical and body attributes thats gonna make them stand out and have a good chance to making it to the pros in my eyes is to have a killer instinct and not be scared to race against the best of the best. I feel that when you can believe u can win and can beat anybody you are already ahead of the learning curve. On top of this have a lil heart and determination to be great and you can’t be stopped.

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CID: At what age did you start looking for an agent and how much he helped you with your career so far? How important is for a player?

I didn’t get an agent till I was about to quit the sport at the age of 21 at 2007 usa nationals when I met my current coach at a hot dog stand and he told me to move to Austin Texas to train with him because he thought he could take me to the next level.

After I moved to Austin and trained he referred me to this guy who is my current agent and his name is Tony Campbell and he took a gamble on me and my talent made me one of the top sprinters in the world today. It is important to have a agent especially if you are not one of the top guys coming out of school or u are and maybe overlooked so u will get a chance to see and show what you can do on the pro stage!

CID: You have managed to be in the elite group of best sprinters around the globe. How does this feel? How much hard work it hides behind this in order to stand out from the thousands of kids trying to compete on your level?

It feels good to be classified as one of the athlete sprinters in the world, but the work you have to put in behind it to standout makes it even feel even better. I train from 9am to 2pm everyday, I always watch film on myself, I watch film on my competitors. I always make sure that I’m doing something to better myself everyday.

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CID: Which one you believe that is the most demanding/ tougher training part for a track athlete? Working on form, Conditioning, drills, technique, any other?

I think the conditioning in the off-season is the toughest part because you are coming off of having fun vacationing and taking time off! So I feel like whipping into shape is the toughest thing to do.

CID: Off season! How you spend it normally? How much time you put on personal work?

Taking vacation and spending time with my two kids, my two little boys Amar’e and Braylon and my girlfriend Marquita Ingram and her daughter Niyah, basically making up for lost time. I also dj at clubs in the off season I’m apart of a dj company called The Incredibledjs. I love music and always will. My girlfriend is also a dj on the side and a nurse technician as well.


CID: What was the experience you had joining our network: www.championsid.com? How you find this effort?

I had a great experience joining the network and i like how they reach out to me to pick my brain. It is a very professional site that can help athletes stand out.

CID: As a last question we want to ask you, now that you made your profile on our network, what will be the 1st video of you that you will post, which best describes you as a player or when you watch it is the moment you are mostly proud of!?

I haven’t decided what my first video will be hopefully of me the first day i start sprinting this season getting ready for world indoors.

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