How to: Building A Football Player Body

July 30, 2019

Playing football is your passion. Playing football is your life.

You are willing to give your 100% in order to be a better player.  Your passion, enthusiasm, and loyalty are essential, but in order to be able to become a complete football player, you will also need a powerful healthy body that will assist you in achieving your goals.


The two main components of a strong football player are:

  1. Power

  2. Explosiveness


And in order to achieve both, you need to train hard and be in a strict training plan in order to build muscle as well as strengthen your cardiovascular system.

The muscle along with physical stamina will help you develop yourself into an all-round athlete.


So what is this training schedule consists of?


A football player should have a strong upper body and powerful core in order to handle the hits and falls on a daily basis.

This means that building lean muscle is the alpha and the omega in your training routine.


The must-include exercises for upper body muscle gain are the following:


  1. The all-time-classic exercise Bench Press




Having a strong big chest is extremely important for a football player. And the barbell bench press will be your best friend to achieve that.

Be careful not to fall in the trap of how much more you can bench press than the guy next to you. All you need is to concentrate on having the best form, no matter how many kilos you can bench for now.


Benching 2 plates more but with improper form means nothing to the person who is focused in building a functional big chest. And this should be your main focus.

Isolate yourself from what people are doing around you and keep the competitive feelings when you will be in the field, during the game.


Complete your exercise having a good form, completing full reps and you will be amazed of how much stronger and stronger you will be becoming in every session. You can start with 4 sets, executing 12 reps for the first set, and dropping down to 6 reps for your final set.


  1. Incline Bench Press




You probably already know that benching is not enough for building a big balanced chest.

The chest muscles are separated in different groups and this means that in order to target every single corner, you need to try different variations of the same exercise.

Incline Bench press allows you to target and focus on the upper part of the chest muscle, something that many guys are often ignoring.

Working your upper chest is so important to build muscle and for your chest to look big. Keep a proper form, being careful not to incline the bench too much that you take the weight off your chest and place in on your shoulders.


The angle for the incline to be positioned is around 45 degrees.

You can also keep the same volume for this exercise, completing 4 sets, dropping the number of reps from 12 down to 6 reps.


  1. Shrugs




What do you admire more when you look at a football player with an amazing body? The chest is probably first but imagine if someone has a big chest but not big traps to support it.

It’s all about balance. Building your traps is equally important, not only because they look awesome, but because they support your neck and head, giving you support and extra security when it comes to hits and pushing.


There is no way to build muscle unless you challenge yourself lifting heavier than its comfortable for you.

This simply means that in order to build shrugs you need to lift relatively heavy, always keeping a good posture and keeping your core tight.

The most important thing is your back. You can never let your body lose while you are lifting heavy. So make sure your lower back is supported by flexing your core and keeping your shoulder blades together.


When we say heavy, we do not mean to overload the weight resulting in lifting the weight with your head instead of your shoulders. Look in the mirror while you are performing the exercise and make sure that the weights are only moving upwards engaging your shoulders only and lifting them as high as you can.


Limit the sets in 3, completing approximately 12 reps. Weight should feel challenging but not overwhelming.


  1. Pull-ups and Barbell Row




Surprised? Probably not. Having a strong back is probably more important than having a strong chest. Or let’s put it this way. It doesn’t matter what is stronger because you need both.

Strong back cannot function without a strong chest and strong chest cannot function without a strong back.

The Barbell row and Pull-ups will work your back muscles hard. Make sure you concentrate on the movement and perform it slowly, squeezing as hard as you can the back muscles and trying to separate them from your arms.

Especially when performing the barbell row, you need to focus on pulling the bar towards your belly button, making sure that all the work is done by the back muscles and not your arms.

You can also use straps in order to redirect the focus on your back and not your arms.

For your lower body, leg strength is plain and simple vital for a football player. Your legs are your support and your base. They are the ones that are generating power while you move.

Never skip leg day 😛


The must-include exercises for lower body muscle gain are the following:


  1. Squats

Yes, it is the best exercise you can do for your legs. Simple as that. It works your quads, your hamstrings your glutes, and it builds lean muscle making you look bigger and function better.




Same as all other exercises, the most important thing is not the weights that you load, but your stance and form.

Nothing works better than lower weights, slow controlled movement, and absolute concentration and focus on your legs while keeping core tight and breathing properly.

Always brace your core before you drop the weight down and take a deep breath before. Keep that breath and go down and get back up.

Repeat the same movement for 4 sets, dropping the reps from 10 to 4 or whatever is convenient for you.


  1. Deadlifts




As everything is connected, in order to have a fully functioning and strong impressive body, you need to work every single corner of your legs in order to perform better.

Deadlifts will help you strengthen your lower back and hamstrings and overall leg strength.

Deadlifts are also very dangerous to perform if you do not know-how. So please be careful of your form, do not let your back curve in and lift with your legs! Not your back!


Look at the proper form of the deadlift and always start with lighter weight until you build confidence and enough strength to go up.


Do not forget your core, the connection between your lower and upper body.


Always make sure you perform planks and ab exercises in between your lower and upper body exercises for a complete workout.


So what do you think? Did we mention something new? Not really.

In order to be like Adrian Peterson, one of the physical sportsmen in the world, you need to practice the athleticism of Peterson.

Combining physical power, speed, explosiveness, is a very difficult thing to achieve but it is not possible.



So the answer to the question: “what physical characteristics do I need to play American Football?” is that there is no absolute specific physique required. You just need to practice everything equally.


Bear in mind that the sport consists of players with different playing roles.

There is the Quarterback, the position where you need to be smart and throw the ball well either with accuracy or power.

There is the Running back, who is one of the most physical on the field. He is the one that must be strong enough to take a beating and avoid being tackled. This means that he must have quick feet.


There is the Full back. The guy that us a bigger version of the previous guy. He is the one that is blocking the running back behind him and he needs to be stronger and heavier than the quarterback and the running back.


You have the Wide receiver, who need to be able to catch the football and be fast.

The Tight end needs to be a good blocker or a good receiver thus they need to be strong and bigger than the others.

The Offensive linemen are there to block. Therefore, the strength is paramount and more important than being fast.


The Defensive linemen have to be as big and strong as their counterparts, but they often carry a bit of extra fat around the midsection with extremely powerful legs.

The Pass rushers come in many sizes and shapes. Their job is to line up on the outside of the defensive line and beat the offensive line to get to the quarterback.


Linebackers are versatile and a hybrid between the defensive line and the defensive backs.

They need to be strong, fast and powerful enough to fight off offensive linemen.

Cornerbacks are the fastest men on the field as they need to run with the wide receivers and prevent them from making catches. That means that they are flexible, lighter and less muscular than the rest.


Last but not least, we have the Safety position, which is one of the most physical ones you can choose to play in American football. They need to be bigger than the cornerbacks and still have enough speed to complete with the wide receivers.


You already got the idea.


Every single component of the team has a role, just like people have different roles in forming a functioning society.


This means that you might be better at running than being able to build incredible size.

No matter what your strong side is, you can be a part of a strong team where everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

There would be no way to form a powerful team if everyone was the same and possessed the same physical characteristics.


Use your skills and strengths and make them as powerful as you can.

This is the recipe for the complete American Football Player.


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