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The Top 9 Plyometric Exercises

So which plyometric exercises you have to incorporate into your routine? Have a look at the 9 most effective ones and learn about their benefits.plyometric-exercises

Social Media For Athletes | [The Best Tips]

Social Media For Athletes – The Ultimate Guide


The making of a Champion

Is there a way to predict that someone will become a champion? Is there a magic formula?

athletic genes championsid

The Secret Traits of Champions

If you go out there every day and you don’t have the hunger to be the best of all times at what you do, stay home.


Everything Athletes Need to Succeed

Read the Interview of the founder of, Konstantinos Synodinos in NEWS24/7

[10 things] Elite Athletes DO and you DON’T

Know one thing:Elite Athletes are not made in the gym, or the field.




Exclusive Interview with the 2 time NBA Champion, Josh Powel!

Josh Powell, The 2 times NBA Champion, talks exclusively to about our platform, his greatest moments and how this can help young athletes but he also offers tips that are valuable to any young player who dreams about a career similar to his!


Panayiotis Yiannaras Exclusively in makes our job easier and increases the chances of young players to get discovered!


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