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The making of a Champion

Is there a way to predict that someone will become a champion? Is there a magic formula?

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10 Things Athletes can do online

You might be a great Athlete, but talent alone is not a guarantee for a professional career. See how technology can help you increase your chances.

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Let me tell you about being an Athlete

I am Athlete and this is my Year!

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20 Superfoods for Athletes

20 Superfoods for athletes that will help increase your athletic performance, burn fat, get lean and get in the best shape of your life. Check them out.

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How to Get Scouted

Scouting is probably 70-80% of what makes up the success or the failure of a club. What are scouts looking for and what do you have to do to get scouted?

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The Secret Traits of Champions

If you go out there every day and you don’t have the hunger to be the best of all times at what you do, stay home.


10 Solutions for Athletes you didn’t know about

There is no doubt that today’s athletic environment is too complicated for Athletes. 

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How Can Athletes Balance Family & Sports

Professional Sports require commitment. How you keep balance? Here are the 3 critical factors to help you keep that balance. By Malcolm Lemmons

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Top 5 Mental Training Tricks for Athletes

The sooner you realize the importance of mentality the faster you will elevate your success in your athletic career. Start practicing these 5 tricks today. 


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