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May 29, 2019

Do you wish you or your child could win an athletic scholarship?

If yes this is article will help you understand the basics and know what to expect.

Unfortunately, most parents believe that just because their child was awarded or picked to be on a top sports club, automatically means that they will also have an invitation ticket to an athletic scholarship.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about the matter and for this reason, I hope that this guide will be helpful for you to clear things out.

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1. Going against the odds

Let’s be real. Winning an award like a sports scholarship is very rare.

This means that only 2% of high school kids will win a scholarship every year.

If you think about how many boys, for example, play football in high school, which is around 1 million. Out of these, only 19,500 football scholarships will be offered.

This sounds almost like winning a lottery.

As a result, you have to be realistic of what your expectations are, and most importantly help your child be optimistic but not rely on it 100%.

2. The real financial aid.

The only sports who offer full-ride scholarships are football, both men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

This means that the average scholarship is less than $11,000, and if you exclude the sports that offer the full ride, then the average goes down to around $9,000.

Have a look here at the average athletic scholarship per college athlete during 2017 as an example.

Also, the NCAA decides how many athletic scholarships will be awarded for each sport in Division I and Division II.

This report will give you an idea of how scholarships are divided for each sport and athlete.

Furthermore, coaches often split up the actual awards, so that they will lure more athletes into their campuses. So although a Division I soccer coach can have up to 10 scholarships, they often split up those ending up in ridiculously small scholarships.

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3. Make it happen and do not wait for others to discover you.

Let’s be real. The superstar athletes that are talented enough to be discovered with not much of an effort are very few. This means that most talented athletes will not be discovered by anyone unless they make it happen.

This means that all young athletes that want to be discovered, need to take some action towards this direction.

Sending an e-mail, for example, to let coaches know who you are and why you would like to be part of their team is always a good idea. Try to include information such as your statistics and position.

Another way to be discovered is having your athletic profile at completed.

Use our platform to register and keep all of your athletic characteristics in one place.

You can create your profile and add all of your physical characteristics, your sports statistics, your individual achievement awards as well as any videos you have showcasing all the above in action.

The most important aspect, however, is the fact that you can be discovered by coaches and scouts online.

ChampionsID helps both athletes get discovered, and coaches to discover hidden talents by using filters to match their criteria.

The more information you provide and the more complete your profile is, the better the chances for someone to discover you.

If you want to create a full athletic profile that can be used for getting scouted, shared with anyone who can get a full understanding of your athletic identity or take part in all the different career opportunities that are posted by agents, managers or coaches in our platform, you can create a full profile for free by following the below instructions after you register here.

Read how to create a full profile here.


  • Complete Your Profile

Follow the instructions in bar completion that states the status of the Profile completeness step by step. Once you reach 100%, you automatically start getting more attention.

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  • Upload Images & Share Videos

Share images of your sports life, upload videos with your highlights from YouTube showing you performing. By doing that often, gives to your followers’ much better visibility of the consistency of your performance week by week.

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  • Enter Your Skills

Let others know how you would rate yourself in the key skills of your Sports. So for example, if you are a basketball player, how would you rate yourself in Shot Inside, 3P Shooting, Free Throw, etc.

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  • Capture your Statistics/ Career History

You can easily capture your entire Career history statistics per season so that anyone can see your progress, performance and future statistics.

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  • Update your calendar and your statistics

Share with everyone following you when you play and how you perform in each of the games you play. After the end of them, go and edit the result, so that you can capture your performance in your last game.

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  • Share your awards & key milestones

Let people know what are your key achievements that you are most proud of. You can also link those with a press link of an image. This is your Personal Trophy Room.

Having a great Athlete’s video is the also very important and it’s the 1st step.

Promoting it to the relevant people who NEED TO watch it and get you on their radar is the 2nd step.

If you don’t have a stunning video worth promoting, check our solutions here.

Leverage the connections we have in each sport and make sure that relevant people will watch your film.

It is always better for coaches to watch you online rather than sending CDs that tend to be forgotten.

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4. Do not take anything for granted

Even if your child finally receives a scholarship, it still does not mean that it’s going to be the case for a full 4-year period.

This happens because every scholarship needs to be renewed every year and this depends on every coach.

What most students tend to forget, however, is that their main focus should be obtaining a college degree and not maintaining the athletic scholarship.

Never let your children get distracted from their main focus, which is earning good grades.


5. Division III scholarship funds

Without a doubt, your best bet at obtaining a sports scholarship is by applying to colleges that do not even award scholarships.

That might sound contradictory, but it is the truth.

The Division III schools are most of the times smaller and private faculties and they give merit awards for academics and other student’s distinctions.

The average merit grant that is awarded by these colleges can cut off up to 50% of total tuition costs. So, it is worth the try.

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6. No point in hiring an athletic recruiter

The only reason why I say that is because if you asked a coach, they would say that recruiters are more like an obstacle than a helping hand.

According to several coaches’ opinion, recruiters are getting too much in the middle, and this prevents them from dealing with the student-athletes right away.


7. Full-time job. 

You need to have this in the back of your minds. If an athlete is playing sports in Division I, then this means that they probably have a full-time job.

It is not surprising to see athletes spending more time in their uniforms than attending classes.

For example, football athletes spent 43.3 hours per week in the field.

Athletes of college basketball around 42.1 hours, men’s basketball 39.3 hours, college baseball, 37.7 hours.

For that reason, students that have no time to attend classes as normal often find it extremely difficult keeping up with the rigorous studying schedule thus, failing in obtaining degrees in science subjects and engineering.

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Bottom line, if this is really what you and your child want to pursue, then, by all means, do whatever is possible to achieve it.

We mentioned that getting a scholarship is rare, but it is not impossible. Doing what you need to do from your side, will increase your chances of obtaining a solid sports scholarship.

At least now you know everything that is involved in the process.











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