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March 1, 2018

What are you Missing Out if you are not already using ChampionsID?

So you came across championsID.com or you created a profile some time ago and you are still wondering:

“How can this thing, help my career as an Athlete?”

Well, there are several things you can do but let’s focus on 10 of them.

The fundamental one and the main reason that this platform was developed was to introduce athletes to the Sports World and help them chase their Sports Dreams.

championsid athletes

The process of talent discovery is like a lottery.

You might be great, but talent alone is not a guarantee for a professional career.

Your chances of making it happen are not great. On the contrary, on a global level, the numbers of athletes who eventually make it to the next level, are quite compelling.

Only 1.5-2% of people playing sports and dreaming about becoming professional Athletes eventually make it. 

athletes today

Reasons for that?


  • Few professional spots available vs athletes playing sports on a global level.
  • The number of sacrifices needed throughout someone’s athletic career.
  • The lack of visibility for athletes driven by the few sports professionals available (scouts, recruiters)
  • Lack of support for the majority of non-professional athletes, lack of the right people to guide young Athletes since their very first steps.
  • Lack of access to many young athletes to proper training and nutrition methods and last but not least,
  • lack of proper mentality. Mindset is everything as we have explained before. That’s most of the times the no 1 driver,  even above talent.

Those were the main reasons that made us create ChampionsID. 

Our intention was and will be always to help athletes get their name out there, allow them to showcase their talent to a greater number of people via a laptop or a mobile device.

2.5 years after the release of the website, we know that athletes have several other needs.

Things that they are struggling to achieve alone, while they are also focusing to improve day by day on the court/ on the field/ in the gym.


Let’s see 10 things you can do as an Athlete online through ChampionsID:

1. Create your unique page on ChampionsID.com

Within 2 minutes you can create your online digital presence and become “searchable and trackable” by anyone or anywhere.

All you have to do is register and create a profile as complete as possible. Having photos alone is not enough.

The aim of the profile is to provide a holistic understanding of the talent of an athlete. How can this happen?

By posting recent videos, statistics, information about you, where you play and a solid bio that can provide to people who will find you online, the first opportunity to know you as a person.

What’re your aspirations, your drives, your goals in Sports

choose your sport finish registration

Make sure to complete your profile on the platform as much as possible and update it regularly with your latest info, stats, highlights videos, career status and even images. From your training or games.

Look below the differences of a complete profile and an empty one. It looks ugly doesn’t it? Make sure yours looks like the one on the left!

complete championsid profile vs empty

ger more views championsid

2. Get Rated and stand out from others

ChampionsID has a unique rating system that takes into consideration the individual ratings you get from your followers, coaches, scouts but also the assessment of your skills.

Each profile on ChampionsID based on the sport you play features different skills.

The athletes have the opportunity to rate themselves based on their own opinion and then their followers share also their view, judging from the videos users upload or from personal experience with the specific athlete.

your opinion on rate

The rating algorithm of ChampionsID takes into consideration those 2 factors and provides a dynamic rating for each athlete that constantly changes each time they get rated.

Rate video

total rating

3. Get the most affordable, professional videos out there

Video is the most consumed medium in our digital era. Is what people love watching and gets the most attention comparing to any other form or type of media.

In the sports world, it’s role is even more vital. Can you imagine sports without video or highlights? Of course not.

Ιn today’s extremely competitive environment and the few professional spots available in every sport, the need to track talent is big.

However, scouts cannot be physically everywhere. On every field or court of this planet. 

Technology, however, provides now the opportunity to every athlete to share their skills online and get into the pool of trackable talent.

Every expert can browse talents while sitting in his living room, without having to spend money in traveling and time in commuting or watching games.

Physical scouting will never be substituted but it can be definitely helped and improved with Online scouting.

Video in that is key.

Every athlete should own an updated scouting/ Highlights Video that can provide a complete overview of the skills and talent of every athlete.

4. Be part of the Online Scouting process

 ChampionsID scouting search system allows experts to apply multiple filters on the entire database of the platform, by selecting the criteria they are interested in.

For example, they can search for left-handed basketball players, who are taller than 6.2” (1.86m), are younger than 22 years old and play in Frankfurt, in Germany.

By doing that they narrow their search on the exact type of players they are looking for and they would want to watch online.

You can enter this scouting process for free, by creating a complete profile on ChampionsID.com.

All it takes is a few minutes.

5. Connect with Others

ChampionsID is a social media. Exactly like Instagram or Facebook, being “lonely” is not interesting.

What makes ChampionsID however different from other social media, is that all people on it, share the same dreams, challenges, routine.

Find people from your sport, or athletes in your area and connect, exchange opinions, challenges, motivations.

Invite your friends and teammates. Open a discussion and share your thoughts.

Learning and talking with people who understand what you are going through every day,  is always beneficial.

Never be afraid to ask for help!

Try it.

6. Get an online evaluation of your talents

 Do you want to know how great you are? Not from your friends or your mom. Neither your coach.

From people who evaluate talent on a global level. People who have scouted and coached world class players. 

Professionals who know firsthand what are the qualities of a talent who can eventually turn pro.

Most of those people are able to see those qualities even online, via a great Athlete Highlights Video.

If you want to read more about this you can check it out here

online athlete talent evaluation

7.  Share your ChampionsID profile

Once you create your ChampionsID profile, the platform generates automatically your own unique URL (i.e championsid.com/profile/2) 

This can be either shared through social media in order to let others know where to find you, be embedded on your bio link on Instagram or Linkedin profile, be mentioned on every YouTube Video you have so that people can check more about you. See the details behind a film.

It’s like owning your own personal sports website. You can update it, share it, edit it. It’s up to you and it’s completely free.

boost your popularity


about championsid

8. Showcase your awards

ChampionsID allows you to have your own trophy room, attached to your profile.

All your important moments, personal achievements, championships, awards, are the things you will always remember when playing sports.

They are also vital for people to know since they display character, your champions mindset, your ability to lead a team, or your personal best performances.

athlete_awardsadd athlete award

9. Help other Athletes and make money

Do you have any special skills that can be helpful for Athletes?

Can you provide a high-quality service for them?

Are you a coach? A trainer, an agent? A nutritionist? A sports graphics designer? A sports Marketeer, a sports video expert,  or you have any other skill that can be really useful for athletes?

You can become a service provider on our platform, create your own services and start generating income with us, once you get approved by our team.


10. Promote ChampionsID Services by becoming an affiliate

Yes. Even if you are an Athlete, you can generate income through ChampionsID. If you have a good following base on social media, or you are good at selling, either online or in personal life, you can start earning money with us.

You can start by registering in our affiliate program that literally takes 2 minutes and generates your unique link and dashboard.

Every time you recommend to someone our services and he/she eventually purchases them from our website, you get 15% of the value! Just like that!

On your personal dashboard (see below), you will be able to see and track how many people eventually buy the service and your earnings on a daily basis.

Earn Money with Championsid

The more people you promote your link to, the more Impressions you get and more of them will eventually convert (buy a service) from our platform.

For each conversion, you get an amount of money without doing anything.

Not that bad right?

If you have any questions or you need any help let us know! We are always at your disposal.


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